Cat SamaristaMarina Rutenberg and I teamed up to hack the 2018 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity--for good. Nbd.



Remember AirDrop? That little iPhone feature that lets you send files instantly?

We realized that it's the perfect tool to reach a ton of people in concentrated areas without ever physically interacting with them.



This year, Cannes Lions barely addressed the issue that rocked every industry in the US and the world: the #MeToo Movement. We decided to use AirDrop for good--to inspire some of the ad world's most creative and influential leaders and actually effect change. 

To ensure anonymity, we changed our iPhone names to one of our favorite female badasses: Peggy Olson.

Then, we created With a thought-provoking headline as the header (and thumbnail on mobile), we AirDropped it to anyone we could everywhere we went.


the experience

Once users accept, they are automatically brought to and urged to make a donation to the Time'sUp Legal Defense Fund.


The CTAs

Finally, we asked visitors to take action, whether that was to donate, share it with friends, or join us and by AirDropping the site too.

Simple steps at the bottom of the page told everyone exactly what they needed to take charge.



For an intrusive pop-up, we did pretty great. In just the 5 days we were there for Cannes Lions, we had 200+ unique visitors from 15 different countries--and they're still rolling in.

The best part? While there, we received our own Unsolicited AirDrops from other Peggy Olsons.