Cannes Young Lions Digital Entry - 2018

🏆2nd Place Winner

Cat Samarista and I teamed up again for another round of Cannes Young Lions. This time we were tasked with creating a digital campaign for the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation (JAJF), in about two weeks. Here's what we came up with.

JAJF's mission is to create positive, lasting memories for families. Because of that, we’ll partner with another company who also makes a lot of positive, lasting memories for families: HQ Trivia. With HQ Family, the hot live-gaming app will allow players to donate $1 for 10 extra seconds, with all proceeds going to JAJF. HQ Family will take place on Sunday, August 5 for American Family Day. Sundays draw in the largest audience every week, which means it’ll be the most fun for families playing together and have the most donation potential for JAJF families. 

On March 4, 2018, HQ hit a record-setting 2.1 million players competing for a $50,000 cash prize. With PayPal integrated into the app for winners to cash out, if just 5% of that audience participated in HQ Family, we would’ve raised over $100,000 in under 20 minutes一enough for 70 WOW! Experiences for one of the fastest fundraisers ever.


Social Buildup

The day before American Family Day, we’ll rollout tweets, ads on Instagram Stories, and sponsored Facebook posts to our hyper-connected audience.


How it Works

Players will be notified of the new mechanic for JAJF 4 hours before the game.

At the start of the game, the host will explain the game function for the special edition of HQ for American Family Day. Because the HQ audience gets more quality time with their $1 donation, so will the families they’ll help with JAJF.


The host will then introduce Jon Albert, the founder of JAJF, via an in-app, pre-recorded video, explaining the types of WOW! Experiences the HQ audience can contribute by donating.

Players tap the clock outline to donate $1 toward JAJF and get an additional 10 seconds for a single question. Plus, one of the questions of the night will be centered around JAJF. 


After the Game

If you donated and got eliminated, a pop-up will invite you to share that you donated on social media. The Twitter app will open with a pre-filled tweet about how HQ will donate $1 to JAJF if you share a pic of your family with #HQFamily.